Monday, November 10, 2008

A Post on the Comments Page at The New York Times

This blog's raison d'etre, I need to reming visitors here, is to wean us off fossil fuels for more than one reason. Some of these are environmental and others because oil feeds some of the worst tyrannies around the world. I keep hoping that we find a substitute for oil to beat both these major problems. This is why I posted this COmment on the New York Times' website today. If visitors here feel the way I do, I would request them to do the same whenever they can. We need to raise awareness if we are to make a difference.

November 10, 2008 8:02 am
There is no doubt that the moment the US armed forces withdraw from Iraq, the Iranians would step up their attempts to gain as much control within Iraq as possible. The prize is too great - Iran has no refineries other than one in Chennai, India, while Iraq has three. There is also the matter of Iraq's huge oil reserves which are extremely valuable.But, a solution to this potential blackmail with oil reserves by Iran could be staved off if the USA were to focus on other forms of energy - pebble bed nuclear power and renewable energy and also sell the technology and equipment to generate renewable power to the rest of the world. That would make Iran's coming seizure of Iraq's oil reserves and infrastructure worth a lot less than it potentially is in an oil-driven world, lead to increased business for US companies which lead the world in R&D and in production capabilities in renewable energy and help in keeping the environment on the planet clean.A serious look at this alternate direction to energy policy could help not just the USA but the world while minimizing Iran's threat to the world in a significant way. Let us hope that Washington understands this and that it communicates this vision to American business and gets it to move ahead faster in this direction.
— Mehul Kamdar, Des Plaines, IL

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