Monday, November 3, 2008

The Future of Car Racing comes to Montreal

As someone who has been following Formula 1 since the late 1970s, I have lately grown bored with the sport and with the shenanigans of its organizers. And the dropping viewership has been telling - no one wants to watch a pathetic parade, which is what F-1 is these days. And the focus on dumbing the sport down is likely to hurt it further. It is a good thing, IMO, as the bandicoots who dominate the sport would find themselves kicked in the groin shortly and consigned to the dustbin of history. And there comes the possible beginning of a new, more relevant and interesting sport if a proposal coming from Montreal is to be considered: Autoblog Green reports that Montreal, knocked off the Grand Prix calendar despite having been loyal to the sport, is planning an electric car endurance race. Link:

This is likely to be a tough sport to organise but I do hope that our good friends aacross the border would be able to do it, and thus, herald the beginning of a new era in motorsport. I can see visions of the Mile Miglia and other famous old endurance races being revived for electric cars if this goes off well. Oh, be still, my feeble heart!

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