Friday, November 7, 2008

Diesel Motorcycles Used by the US Armed Forces

Sometimes, something as simle as a search on Ixquick or Google throws up information that is very interesting and not, quite, accessible anywhere else. While several experimental diesel motorcycles were built on the Enfield Bullet frame in the past, that will not happen in the future because the new Bullet motorcycles have a unitary engine and gearbox design. Diesel engines are significantly more fuel efficient than gasoline and the US armed forces, apparently, have been buying a diesel motorcycle which looks very interesting to me. The manufacturer's website is: and their bikes look very interesting. I would love to ride them and check them out, but their civilian model is not going to be produced for some time because of military orders.

This is an interesting design and perhaps some Indian company like Enfield India or TVS could look at these bikes and try to offer them there. They would be a darn sight better than the antiquated Bullets being sold there even in the current modernized form. Let's see if these guys exhibit at the Chicago motorcycle show in Feb. In the meantime, here's wishing them the very best of luck. Good ideas should succeed!

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