Friday, October 3, 2008

Top Ten Electric Cars You Can Buy Today

I know that this post from Auto Blog Green is somewhat dated, but that does not make it any less relevant: While I would not agree that the Reva G-Wiz is all that desirable because of its safety flaws (though it would be a superb little thing to use on golf courses and in large gated communities for driving around without getting out onto the roads) the list is interesting to say the least. The companies here have a lot going against them, especially with the Saudis extracting crude well over the OPEC limits in order to keep prices down and the rest of the world poor, but I am hopeful that more wind, geothermal etc powered electricity would be used to make more of these electrical vehicles viable.

My hat's off to these guys. May they succeed!

PS When I was a boy, I was crazy about old cars from companies that no longer existed - my father owned a Triumph convertible, and friends and relatives had vehicles like Humbers, Riley-Morris cars, Hupmobiles, Kaisers, Buicks, Stuedebakers, etc. I was born too late to see these cars duke it out for market share in the early years of the fossil-fuel automobile. I can happily say, now, that this era is, possibly, repeating itself albeit with electric cars replacing the dirty fuel ones. I hope that I live long enough to see electrid cars succeed dirty fuel ones - that would make me die a happy man!

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