Tuesday, October 28, 2008

T Boone Pickens gets it in the Solar Plexus

Green Daily has a detailed post on how cheap oil has affected T Boone Pickens' "Pickens Plan." The link is here: http://www.greendaily.com/2008/10/28/will-the-pickens-plan-survive-the-oil-price-collapse/ Boone would have to have been stupid to think that the Arabs would not try to drown him. I still think that he could get his own back if he were to use his very significant fortune to push the sale of renewable energy equipment abroad, using US Exim Bank funds to do this. I do know that Pakistan is looking seriously at importing large wind turbines, both on and offshore, and that India and Sri Lanka are likely to look for Solar Thermal Powerplants soon. If Boone were to sell these, he would push the price of oil and other fossil fuels like coal down even further, hurting the people out to drown him. He could also sell very highly fuel efficient vehicles like the Aptera cars and the Norwegian Think electric city cars in Texas and other parts of the USA - there are people who will buy these and who have the money to buy environment friendly vehicles. He could also promote environment-friendly housing and retrofit solar panels, for example, on existing homes.

Will he do this? I am not sure if he will . . . Let's hope that he does because that is the only way he could keep his plan from collapsing and ending up as yet another forgotten experiment, albeit one that was good intentioned.

Edit: Treehugger says that the publicity generated by the Pickens Plan seems to be working as far as creating awareness is concerned: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2008/10/poll-shows-pickens-publicity-plan-working.php Now, how about capitalizing on it, Boone, by selling more environment-friendly stuff? Huh? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink . . .


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea to me! I am Aptera depositee #2505 and the fuel economy makes sense, who cares about style! I figure I can expand my real estate investments by saving on fuel and using money sent to OPEC, invested here instead.

Regardless of gas going down the trade deficit, dependency on foreign fuels and a realistic look at energy cost will keep me in search of energy alternatives. I have a Ford Ranger for hauling needs and a 3 cylinder Geo Metro, 5 Speed for everything else.

In a year an Aptera and yes making houses self sufficient would be another nice direction to pursue.


Mehul Kamdar said...

Thanks for your post. I am envious of your ability to post a deposit for an Aptera, something that is, unfortunately, not possible in Illinois where I live, despite the fact that Chicago has more than its share of people who are extremely environment-conscious. I wish Aptera well and hope that they do well enough to expand across the USA and abroad. They deserve to do as well as possible.

Of course, showing OPEC the fist is a raison detre of this blog.