Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Very Interesting New York Times Article on Small Wind Power

When people living as far apart as California, South Asia and Africa have the same problem getting consistent electric supplies from their respective utilities, it does suggest a crisis of sorts around the world. And, when the alternatives are between buying cheap oil based generators which are noisy, filthy (they spew their dirt right around your own home) and between renewable power, many seem willing to invest a little money of their own in renewable energy. Yes, wind turbines and solar panels are expensive compared to buying power from your local utility. But, when you can;t trust your utility and when you can't trust those oil prodicers in Saudi Arabia either, the alternative is to use what is in abundance in your own backyard and to do it in a way that leaves the neighborhood clean for everyone else.

An excellent New York Times article discusses the dilemma that some face 0ver this at:

The company that the NYR article talks about, Aero Vironment, has a clean energy website at:

It is my belief that as wind power becomes more and more popular, economies of scale would bring prices down substantially. I remember when Suzlon Energy started building its wind turbines in India a long time ago. A senior bureaucrat friend of my father's was very skeptical at the time that wind power would ever become viable. Today, despite some hitches, Suzlon is among the most profitable companies in the world. We can expect great things here, mark my words!


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