Friday, September 12, 2008

Now Why Can't Universities in India Do Something Like This?

Treehugger has a nice entry about the University of Oklahoma going all wind energy by 2013: Now Madras University is bang on the sea-shore and receives very strong winds 24/7. Why on earth can't they think about doing something about wind energy? India IS big on wind energy anyway and the university could use this as a means of proclaiming its entry into the 21st century. As it is, the doofuses who run the place are more concerned with internal politics than anything concrete - I do wish there were someone who could think. Even Anna University and AC Tech who have ample access to wind and IIT Madras who are not really far from the sea themselves do not have any real focus on wind or other renewable energy during some of India's most energy deprived times. Shows what a farce the whole bloody educatiuonal system is in India!

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