Friday, September 26, 2008

A Very Interesting Electric Motorcycle That Has Just Gone on Sale Here

It must be a positive sign of the times that all kinds of newspapers, magazines etc are looking at unique electric vehicles. I just learned about this company: and their electric motorcycle from an e-mail sent by a friend who found them on Youtube or somewhere similar. I am not sure. Apparently, the bike has just gone on sale in the USA. I hope that somoene would review it soon. We have the Rosemont Motorcycle Fair coming up in October and I wonder if these guys would exhibit their bikes there. I would love to test-ride it and buy it if it is sold in Chicago. I have been thinking about buying a motorcycle for some time now and an electric roadbike which I could ride to myt university and back would be lovely.

In other electric motorcycle news, Brammo's chic Enertia Bike has received $ 10 million in venture funding from the Best Buy electronic retail chain. I have been a Best Buy client for a long time and I would like to raise my hat to them for taking this bold step. Now, will they sell Enertia Bikes themselves? It would be nice if they would. Their service and prices are great and a new product line would bring more clients to their stores. I wish them luck!

I also found this company that makes electric scooters Another very interesting product and probably somewhat more practical for shorter shopping runs than a bike. With the power equivalent of a 400 cc scooter, this cute little devil (and this is a most complimentary description) is something really powerful as far as scooters go. Again, I hope they come to Rosemont.

And then my usual gripes - can't be without griping, can I? I am a grumpy old man, after all . . . When are the big Indian names going to tie up with one of these guys and offer their vehicles in India? The power levels would virtually clobber every motorcycle or scooter available in India into quick submission. And something that works at typical Indian riding ranges and is dead cheap to ride should become a hit. I dare say that with Indians building these, they would be able to bring prices down as well as they are good at engineering to a price-point. Come on, guys, do something green!


skadamo said...

I am out in Chicago too. Would love it if Electric Motorsports was at the Cycle World show this year. That show is in February. is ther another one in Oct?

Check out if you want to chat about these bikes in a forum setting.

Mehul Kamdar said...

Hello Skadamo,

From what I understand, the show that I mentioned is at the Donald E Stephens Center in Rosemont in October. I shall get the details and post them here as well as on your page if you want me to. I have a friend who is a motorcycle instructor and she is always at the show - she was the person who told me about it.

Thanks for posting here and I shall sign up on the Electric Motorcycle Forum without fail.

Happy riding!