Sunday, March 7, 2010

SolarBullet Campaign shoots for high-speed solar train

SolarBullet Campaign shoots for high-speed solar train

This is something that could have fantastic implications for a country like India if it becomes successful. Imagine a train that is fast, clean and capable of carrying people from point to point with very low fuel costs - while this may or may not be practical on long distance routes, in the numerous mass transit trains that are being planned in the cities, this would be fantastic. My guess is that the monsoon would probably be the only time that these trains may need an external supply of electricity to run. At all other periods, they would simply be perfect.

I recall the days of steam engined trains from when I was a boy - people would advise anyone who traveled on Indian Railways back in those days not to take the first three or four compartments on any train or else they would end up looking like chimney-sweeps at the end of their journey. It is not all that different with diesel engined trains these days. A clean solar powered train that works on the light of the sun would be a magnificent clean alternative.

I do hope planners in India are looking at this project carefully. The Solar Bullet Website is: Link.

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