Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Interesting New Development in Clean Flight

As visitors here would know, transportation is something that this blog is very interested in and this post from Gizmag, a blog that I refer to as frequently as they send me their regular updates, has something VERY interesting to offer. A helicopter that runs on 70% Hydrogen Peroxide and which uses a unique tip-jet powered system has the potential to reduce the usage of fossil fuel in single and two seat helicopters very substantially. Add to this with the fact that this is easy to fly - I shall take Gizmag's opinion here as I am not a pilot myself and they are experts who know their stuff - and this should make for safety, fun and more.

My hat's off to the Swissscopter company for their fantastic achievement and I shall await information on their two seat design as it receives certification. Do check their website out and subscribe to Gizmag. It is a website well worth subscribing to if you are a technology buff of any kind.

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