Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Wall Street Journal Likes the Zero S

I have written about the Zero electric motorcycles here before and about how I hope that they would become more widespread - the costs would, then, come down, and with bikes like the Zero S and the Quantya Strada, there would be performance that is the equivalent of any expressway capable bike available in the West. Apart from the many dedicated green magazines and websites, there have been positive reviews from the mainstream media, this one, from the finest US newspaper of all - The Wall Street Journal:

As would be expected, this review is a very balanced one, bringing out both the bike's strengths as well as its weaknesses, mainly the short range and the charging time because of the state of today's battery technology. As there are several exciting developments taking place in battery tech at the moment, it is possible that a battery swap could become a feasible prospect at some point in the future. Hopefully, with this happening, the very limited shortcomings of these bikes would be addressed. That said, for the kind of home to work commute that I do every day, this would be an ideal bike for me - the range is more than enough for my travel every day, and, I think, for 90% of people who live in the USA. Let's see - I just might have to buy one . . .

Zero Motorcycle's website is:

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