Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Excellent Energy Options Articles and Videos on the HGTV Website

While I am not one for watching television much, especially the interior decoration and home makeover shows, HGTV occasionally has some excellent shows on energy conservation in the home, alternative energy used in the home etc and this link to their website has some superb basic articles and videos for anyone who is interested but is not very technically aware of the possibilities:,,HPRO_20196_69985,00.html?nl=HGPro_v217c_feat_AltEnery

I shall subscribe to HGTV's RSS feed here as well and am looking forward to checking out more similar pieces by them. The fact is that transportation accounts for much less use of fossil fuels than homes do. Granted, most South Asian homes don't use as much energy for heating and cooling as homes in the USA do because the weather is somewhat better all year round in most of South Asia, there are still reasons why some of the ideas here could do a lot of good if implemented there. For one thing, the frequent power cuts are a major reason why people in that part of the world may want to look at harnessing their own clean energy. Long term costs would be another reason. The possibilities are many.

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