Monday, December 22, 2008

A New and High Tech Wind Turbine Design

As visitors here would know, I have been following the Pickens Plan whenever I find time. You do get some very interesting ideas there from engineers and entrepreneurs and even those who are in countries other than the USA need to look at this website from time to time to check some of these ideas out. One of the very interesting new ideas that has been written about there by the developer is that of the Dragonfly Wind Turbine: Looking like a jet engine turned into a wind turbine, this is designed around the Bernoulli's Principle. if I go back to my high school days in India, that principle reads, in the quaint English that is still used in India, "when air passes through a tube of unequal cross-section, at the point of constriction, the pressure decreases and the velocity increases." It is this principle that is used to build aerofoils and to give the curved top shape to aeroplane wings. The Dragonfly team are working at designing this into a turbine design.

Here's wishing them all the very best! They have assured me that I would get continuous information from them as their work goes ahead and I hope to post more regularly as I have this information. Do check their website out.

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