Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Get Hit by Bad Economy

When even large manufacturers of conventional cars like GM and Chrysler come close to being shuttered permanently and Toyota and Honda end up with huge losses and forced to sell their cars at massive discounts (a very good friend was able to get a new Camry turning her two year old one which must have met with a hundred accidents for more than $ 12000 just because the dealer was desperate to get the new car off his lot and had Toyota's backing to do this) small electric vehicle manufacturers cannot, but be affected.

Norway's Think cars are in deep danger as are Nice Cars in the UK are in similar bad shape as they find it difficult to get capital and credit to continue their operations. The sad fact is that even with the current low gasoline prices, their cars are cheap to use compared to fossil fuel cars. But, overall market forces are against them. It is a sad day when companies founded on intelligent products that are very relevant to our times find themselves in trouble for no fault of their own. Somehow, I can only hope (as you are doing, too, I am sure, if you're reading this) that they manage to pull through. These companies deserve to. The world also deserves their superior products for its own future.

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