Saturday, June 21, 2008

This blog's raison d'etre

Anyone who has been stuck in a traffic jam anywhere, whether it is on one of Chicago's pathetic apologies for roads or in the streets of South Asia, knows that it does not make sense, even in these days of $ 4.25 a gallon gas, to roll the windows of their car down and turn the airconditioning off. If you're on your way to a business meeting, at the very least, you would end up with a face and clothes stinking of exhaust fumes and covered in fine soot. At worst, you could end up horribly sick and unable to even speak at your meeting when you do finally get there after driving for three hours to cover a 20 mile distance.

I am not a scientist - I don't want to get into the global warming argument or debate the morality of drilling in the ANWR or in Darfur. The ethanol debate is similarly not one that I would like to go into - again, that is for experts and for those who are good at getting Federal Government subsidies to argue about - Vinod Khosla, please ignore me. I am too small a guy to step in where you make your billions. The purpose of this blog is to show how I, Joe Average aka Mehul Kamdar, shall be working on trying to start a new business selling renewable energy products in the USA as well as in South Asia. An additional purpose would be to focus on areas in renewable energy which are not very well known in the hope that someone who reads about them and has the intelligence and determination to do something about them, would devote time and money into going out and actually doing something that would help the world.

Yes, I want to shake my fist at fossil fuels. I lived in Chennai (formerly Madras) in South India for 35 years. If there is a filthier place which stinks of rotting sewage and the smell of untreated exhausts more than Chennai, I would not like to know about it. Chicago, where I now live, is only slightly less filthy. It is equally hideous, though, and probably a more miserable place to be in, because the beach is not worth visiting for at least 4 months every year.

On a more positive note, today's Telegraph, one of my favorite newspapers, carried this excellent article about a project that could have profound implications both for the country that I was born in and the one that I live in now. The link is:

India has a number of successful wind energy farms and this could be a direction for India to take to pay less to the "oilgarchs" of the world. The USA is a wealthier nation but it is hurting too. There is an increasing thrust over here on using more eind energy and I hope that the tremendous technical prowess of the USA in every field of engineering would help develop this Scottish idea and improve it to perfection. Now, let's see where I could go in my daydreams this weekend. I hope to blog every day if I can. There is simply so much to write about on this topic. And there is so much that so many people could do.

Let the sun shine on your road!

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