Saturday, June 21, 2008

Indians Will Never Get Agriculture Right

I didn't know that I would be posting twice on the same day. The New York Times has an article on a subject that I have been talking about for a long time - the pressing need for modern grain storage systems in India. There just isn't enough money in this for the Indian politicians and bureaucrats, and this hasn't happened, crying need be damned even though pests eat as much as three times the grain that people do in India.

Anyway, let's get to the New York Times article:

The Times isn't sure what needs to be done over there. They obviously don't know the situation on the ground. Most of India's grain is stored by thet Public Sector dinosaur, the Food Corporation of India, under tarpaulins in the open. While farmers' co-operatives which own storage systems like modern steel silos would help the farmers make money during lean years because of the rent paid to them for maintaining the systems and for guarding grain, the old bandicoot of a Minister for Agriculture, India's sugar baron Sharad Pawar, who has only managed to bungle repeated attempts at importing Australian wheat, has sat on his haunches doing nothing.

India's farmers are dying and the country has little time to save the grain that they labor hard to produce. The country has fancy liberals in its cities who talk about the finer points of interior decoration, while food that is worth a lot to what is still a desperately poor country gets wasted wholesale. Would the morons realise that there are such things as grain silos? Would they also understand that "high tech" does not mean the insipid software that their code-coolies turn out day after miserable day?

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