Monday, April 18, 2011

New Design Electric Light Airplane

Via the Smart Planet website: the Fly Nano electric light aircraft. Somehow, I feel like we are living in a new golden era - a time that schoolboys read about in their Biggles novels, and older people in their Saint-Exupery novels. The coming of electric aircraft is a development that I find particularly interesting - here is one more aircraft, a single seat biplane with either electric or hybrid electric and internal combustion engines with ranges of 40 to 70 Km. Yes, this is a rich person's toy at the moment but in time, if the technology is developed, it would suit longer range aircraft for commercial purposes. Look at a Tiger Moth and then at a current light sport aircraft and you can see an evolution. Look at the even more sophisticated Fly Nano and just imagine where this technology would take us in the future . . .

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