Thursday, January 7, 2010

And Something After My Own Heart - A New Sailship

Friends of this blog know how much I love the idea of bringing back sailships. The very idea of modern cargo ships carrying food and valuable commodities using wind power gives me pleasant daydreams. I spent an entire semester at my university's downtown campus looking out on Lake Michigan and watching the ships - both sail and power just across from our campus - to say that I was in heaven would be an understatement. And now Ecogeek has this very positive news: Link that brings hope to my weary old heart. A 3000 ton sailship to begin with and a fleet of more than 50 such vessels if all goes well! Life is going to become better if you ask me!

B9's website is: Link

Congratulations to them on their courageous new venture. I hope they succeed beyond their own, wildest expectations!

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