Monday, December 14, 2009

A Vastly Better Option Than to Try to Bury CO2

The Telegraph, easily among my favorite newspapers, has this excellent piece about a Dutch farmer who is buying CO2 from an ammonia plant near his farm to grow aubergines better: Link This is an excellent idea and it could be used over whatever plant someone might want to grow in a controlled environment. I can think of flowers for the perfume sector, herbs and a lot more. I also think this is a lot better than some of the clownish ideas that are being thrown out to try to store CO2 underground in either natural or man-made caverns. Let's hope that the idea catches on across the world. This is channeling carbon back into living organisms - where it is meant to be - instead of storing it in risky places from where it might leak out and cause potential disasters.

I can think of several ammonia plants in India attached to refineries etc which could do this if the plant owners aka the Government of India decided to do something technologically creative.

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