Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks to All Friends in India Who Helped Spread Information on Green Tech

I asked for help on spreading information on Terrabon and other green tech last week as the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, M K Stalin, was due to travel to San Antonio to check out river cleanup methods. And I got this help in more than spades. Friends in India passed on my post and links to this blog to several environmental groups, to newspapers there as well as sent me the contact details of the Dy CM himself. I e-mailed the suggestions that I had to him, but have not heard back. That is fine - if he does look at the information and does something about recycling the sewage in the Cooum into car fuel, that would be triumph enough.

Subsequently, there has been another view on Outlook, every bit as skeptical as mine: I did post the information that I have been blogging about in the Comments Section there just to get more people to look at it and learn more about the possibilities that are available. Hopefully, this would bring some more people over to this side and get them to press the government to look at using the sewage and not at just pushing it out into the sea.

But, most importantly, I must thank all friends who helped. In particular, Lion Ram Kumar, Hemant Nahar, Vasanthy Rajiv, Kamla Ravikumar and Kulasekaran. I must also thank Chennai journalist and campaigner for environmental causes there, Vincent D'Souza who showed me how to contact the Dy CM. This list is not exhaustive and I must thank everyone who has been supportive of this attempt at spreading information. I hope to work with these friends to keep the momentum up in the future.

Thank you, everyone. I am fortunate in having great friends!

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