Thursday, April 9, 2009

Abdullah Starts Whining About Alternative Energy

After acting like thugs for the major part of their history, the Saudi Arabians have suddenly started acting like hurt kindergarten girls. And, the reason for this is their fear of the world destroying them by switching to alternative energy: This link to a piece on Treehugger has been reported on several other websites as well.

I have a few things to say about this - if this does work in bankrupting the desert thugs, the world needs to go far it as fast as it can! No country has held the world to ransom and in so many different ways as the Saudis. Leave aside, for a moment, their sending the bulk of the 9/11 hijackers or of their funding terrorist groups in virtually every country around the world. Leave aside, also, their thuggery towards their own people - I do not have the room on this blog to go into the regular abuses of human rights conducted by Saudi thugs and neither is there enough room even in a set of volumes as bulky as the Encyclopedia Brittanica. And, like a parasite that sucks on the blood of the creature that it lives on and grows stronger while making the organism that it feeds off weaker even as it introduces diseases in addition to sucking its blood, the Saudis have been supplying the rest of the world with oil and bleeding it systematically, building palaces for themselves and sending funds and arms to jihadis everywhere else in the world.

Now, these thugs want to offer their deserts as locations for the rest of the world to generate solar powered electricity from. There has been talk for some time of large solar powered electric plants in Saudi Arabia sending power via transmission lines to Europe. If the Europeans fall for this colossal fraud, they deserve whatever problems they are certain to get. There are enough European locations as well as locations in other civilized countries that are located closer to Europe than Saudi Arabia from where the Europeans could get their solar power if they feel that what they could generate in Europe itself would not be enough. As far as the Saudis are concerned, it would be best to work hard towards reducing the use of oil, to let them spend the trillions of dollars that they have on whatever they want to, and then let them go back to their camels. SOmeone out to read out Shelley's "Ozymandias" to them. I can only hope that the Saudi sheikhs meet with the fate of the Egyptian pharaohs as soon as possible. They deserve it.


B.Mohanakrishnan said...

For the sake of the world I hope that the Europeans dont fall for this.It would be idiocy to buy solar energy from Saudi Arabia when you can have your own solar farms.If they do it it would only make them prey to the whims and fancies of one nation.Self reliance is the best.Self help is the best help.Keep up the good work.It is always nice to have the latest information at your finger tips. P.S.)You might want to read the latest post on my blog for a few laughs.

Kulasekaran said...

Stellar post Mehul, the chickens have come home to roost, camel drivers barely a hundred years back have become sheikhs, but don't forget the western powers who have bankrolled and condoned the barbaric regime. The saudis have a lot of leverage in pakistan and they seem to have turned a blind eye to taliban rising as long as they are not on saudi soil.
The western military industrial complex is happy as long as they are able to sell their not so latest weapons for saudi money,they can keep their harems et al. Sheikhs for renewable energy resources, now I have seen it all...

Mehul Kamdar said...

Mohan / Kulasekaran,

Good to see two St Mary's alumni offering their views on a single post! Will introduce you gentlemen by e-mail shortly.

Yes, I do agree that the barbaric thugs who rule and live in Saudi Arabia are now worried about their own futures but they have gotten away for too long because of support from the powers in the West. Hopefully, now that the West itself is financially weak because of the burden of having to fight nutters financed and trained and influenced by the Saudis and sundry barbarians, they would accelerate their energy shift from oil to other types of energy. And yes, of course, I would hope that the Europeans are not stupid in buying solar power from the Saudis. Nothing could be more idiotic!